Saturday, November 4, 2017

ANATOMIA - Cranial Obsession - Out Soon On Tape

Japan's mightiest death metal warrior are back with a full length.

Coming Soon!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

COFFIN HAZE - Rehearsal Ritual II - Out On Tape

Tonight this anonymous beast is back to claim what's his; the defiled throne of obscure surf rock. Where thunderous riffs crash against nasty waves of drums. Delicious licks shine in the night and reflect on the ocean with the grace of moonlight behind. Classic good ol' boys The Ventures even show up via a cover rendition of their classic, "The Bat", Coffin Haze has brought them back to life, the tubular life. Five tracks and stay around, for after the silence comes another nugget. Your patience will be rewarded. 

And as always, Never Stop the Radness. Or Die! 

Limited to 150 copies

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

DEVOID OF THOUGHT - Astral Necrosis - Demo Out Now On Cassette

Astral Necrosis is the virgin recording and devirginizing demo by the Italian new masters of pernicious metal DEVOID OF THOUGHT. 

The demo is called Astral Necrosis and it contains three tracks of exuberant technical proggy death thrash metal; in your face raw, each track here is shaped by riff salads of technique, dexterity and bestial fury, furious and convoluted drumming and cancerous throaty vocals that make Dave Mustaine sound like Lana del Rey.

Monday, October 16, 2017

WITCHCRAFT SADOMIZER - Mouth Fucking Holy Black Holes - Out Now On Tape

Bestial yet nuanced debut work by the depraved mind of Ratimus. Five gruesome movements of blasphemous cacophony. Primitivity with a touch of insolence and full on dementia. Support and abuse absurd aural works. Only mad music is real.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ZIGGURAT - Ritual Miasma - Out On Tape Now

For a virginal debut Ritual Miasma is quite the accomplishment. While keeping their hooves in the black death realm, there is something rather large and of a great scheme going on here. Blastbeats infest and so does a cavernous gutturality, but let not the brutality fool you, for there is intelligent design and an attention to schemes, tempos, arrangements and order that dictate that in the world of the nefarious not everything is chaos. 

Drums & Drums recording by Menthor.
Additional vocals on "דִּבּוּק" by Żelazo.
Vocals recorded at DMUSIC.
Mixed and mastered by Stephen Lockhart at Studio Emissary.
Cover art by White Moth - Boris Haimov

Sunday, October 1, 2017

BOIA - Chivalry of Death - Out Soon On Tape & CD

Boia are going to crush their enemies with a necrometal debut demo called "Chivalry of Death". It sounds faster, louder, deadlier and more blasphemous than ever and it's inspired by all the obscure 80's & 90's metal and Manowar!

Monday, September 25, 2017

REPRESSION - Wretched Domain - Out Soon On Tape

Caligari records is proud to reissue the second demo by Finnish death thrashers Repression. Wretched Domain was initially self released in 2016 and distributed mostly locally. 

The riffs are gnarly, and the atmosphere is spot on nasty. Also, the vocals remind of Demolition Hammer which give Wretched Domain a super thrashy vibe. Enjoy this obscure gem, soon to reach your stereo, if you desire so...

Monday, September 18, 2017

WITCHCRAFT SADOMIZER - Mouth Fucking Holy Black Holes - Out Soon On Tape

Obscure and disturbed entity forges downwards with a corrupt sound. Distorted and low end bestial tones abound and raise the most ignored, perturbed, deranged and incospicuos. Mouth Fucking Holy Black Holes is the ultra sound for Satan's spawn.

Monday, September 11, 2017

ZIGGURAT - Ritual Miasma - Out Soon On Tape

For a virginal debut Ritual Miasma is quite the accomplishment. While keeping their hooves in the black death realm, there is something rather large and of a great scheme going on here. Blastbeats infest and so do a cavernous gutturality, but let not the brutality fool you, for there is intelligent design and an attention to schemes, tempos, arrangements and order that dictate that in the world of the nefarious not everything is chaos.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

SHAMAN RITUAL - Sinister Totem - Out Now On Tape

Shaman Ritual hail from Finland and Sinister Totem is their first recording. This is black metal with a melodic touch and tight execution. Deeply entrenched in their regional roots while at times reminiscent of the epic achievements of Dissection and yet, a subtle tribal approach roams underneath an avalanche of riffs and pounding drums. 

Amidst an era of cavernous experimentation and sheer bestiality, Shaman Ritual's sound is a throwback to times so glorious.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

UTTERTOMB - Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist - Out Now On Tape

At the core of Santiago's death metal underground scene since 2009, Uttertomb have for years helmed a scene that's by only now widely heralded. Here to put themselves at the center of their movement, Uttertomb offer up Necrocentrism: The Necrocentrist, a 35-minute EP of sheer aural perversity and claustrophobic evocations. 6 cuts of dense and gloomy death metal.

Friday, July 21, 2017

HUORIPUKKI - Voima On Oikeutta - Out Now On Tape

Following a string of demos and an EP, the most demented horde from Nokia are back with four blasts of pure death metal lunacy. Rough and rumble, Huoripukki now present four totally destructive compositions which stand apart by virtue of their free form. Death metal with a disheveled and crazed punk edge and a musical approach that consciously stays away from the typical trivialities of the genre.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

MINDKULT - Lucifer's Dream - Out On Tape

MINDKULT's debut Witch's Oath enthralled with its hyper-fuzzed guitars, booming low tones, laid back obscurity and morbid lyricism, but Lucifer's Dream takes that formula into exponential dimensions and delivers an equally affecting outing. Lucifer's Dream is Fowst's new opus and it features six mid-to-slow tempo dirges that seem to be spiked with arousing psychedelia and at others with nostalgic arrangements that hark back at that damaged age of seventies occultism. Tune down and drop out forever.

Friday, June 2, 2017

VULTURES VENGEANCE - Where the Time Dwelt In - Out Now On Tape

Classic and raging heavy metal from Italy. This is metal in its purest form. Their 2016 cult gem EP, for the first time on tape. Limited to 200 copies.

Metal Temple: Heavy Metal at its best, the way the instrumental intro links with the opening riff constructs the ambience necessary for one to be selflessly involved with this EP from beginning to end. Based in Lazio, Italy, after their 2015 Demo, VULTURES VENGEANCE released their first EP last year entitled where the time dwelt in. Founded by Matt Savage along with another two ex-members of NECROMANCER, VULTURES REVENGE display an amazing prowess for Power Metal and everything it stands for, hoping that they will envision many, many albums, and be around for many, many years, this EP is a heartfelt depiction of passion turned into music.
Iron Fist: These Italians, after a demo last year, present a mini-album of five tracks (including an intro) and what you get here is epic and dark traditional metal inspired by ’80s US power metal, Iron Maiden (of course) and the early years of Running Wild and Blind Guardian. Add to this a brave dose of obscurity, from the production to the way they want to approach their music, lyrics and the band’s image, and you have something that we could describe as “future cult”.
Brutalism: an obscure, and quite inventive sounding, trip down heavy metal lane. In many instances this covers the traditional heavy metal genre, however, they do use a few other elements to create a nice breath of fresh air into this genre of music.

MetalUtopia: a rocky debut album, but a knowledgeable metal head will be able to pull a few precious stones out of this diamond in the rough. Vultures Vengeance is one band that I’m going to keep my eye on'

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


To be drawn slowly to your death in a viscous pool of quicksand beneath a pitch-black sky, with no one to hear your screams, must be a terrifying experience. If an earthquake were happening at the same time, with an upheaval of stone smashing your sinking limbs beneath the surface while demons howl in your mind, that combination of experiences might resemble the sensations of this split. 

The two violent sludge/doom bands who have joined forces in this outpouring of affliction come from opposite sides of the U.S., yet based on the music, they seem to be kindreds in spirit, bound together in a joint mission to reap the souls of their listeners. The bands are SHRINE OF THE SERPENT and BLACK URN. (No Clean Singing)

Friday, May 19, 2017

FUNERALIUM - Of Throes and Blight - Out Now On Double Tape

Few possess the discipline, let alone the grit to author twenty-plus minute dirges of blackened doom cruelty, but Paris’ Funeralium do so once again with dread aplomb. On Of Throes and Blight, their third album, and second double-album to date, Funeralium throw four songs of death, doom, and pestilence on the rack, torturously stretching them to upwards of thirty-some minute long affairs. More than just an epic nightmare, Of Throes and Blight is an inescapably enthralling experience not unlike tunneling slowly to your own watery, verminous tomb. Suffer the suffocating crush of four new opuses of absolute blessure de l’âme. In the hemorrhaging vein of looming eidolons such as Worship, Thergothon, Funeral Moth, and Loss, recommended if you hate life.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

AMNUTSEBA - Demo Out Now On Tape

Four tracks of pure devotional, eerie and labyrinthic black/death metal. 

Amnutseba has risen from the gutters of the Parisian black metal scene to propose a glimpse into the vortex of insanity. 

Pro Tapes 200 copies

Sunday, April 16, 2017

ROPE SECT - Personae Ingratae - Out On Tape Now

Revel in its driving pulse and its suicidal choruses; Rope Sect feeds upon your lifeforce. Hum along, nod in time, elated for the eschaton. Personae Ingratae is Rope Sect’s debut statement. Six tracks of sustained diminuendo. Something like gothic post-punk; something like erotic schadenfreude. Angular, inward, self-mutilating . . . this is Rope Sect’s sardonic petition for a final curtain call. Personae Ingratae is a dark and lonely heaven.

Monday, March 27, 2017

TAPHOS NOMOS / URðUN - RIP - Split Cassette Out Now

Behold. Evidence of a vile collusion between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s doom-death eidolons, Taphos Nomos, and Akureyri, Iceland’s most malign murkslingers, Urðun. Eight tracks of brain-liquefying horror, with Taphos Nomos offering up three brand new songs of vulgar schadenfreude praising humanity’s ever-nearing extinction, and Urðun anteing up with four new tracks of their own warped minds’ devising, plus an Autopsy cover. Deemed R.I.P. (Rarely Investigated Phenomena by Taphos Nomos & Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction by Urðun), this split proves that even over a quarter of a century later, death metal—at least in the gorey hands of these two young bands—is as putrid, harmful, and dead-alive as ever.