Sunday, July 16, 2017

MINDKULT - Lucifer's Dream - Out On Tape

MINDKULT's debut Witch's Oath enthralled with its hyper-fuzzed guitars, booming low tones, laid back obscurity and morbid lyricism, but Lucifer's Dream takes that formula into exponential dimensions and delivers an equally affecting outing. Lucifer's Dream is Fowst's new opus and it features six mid-to-slow tempo dirges that seem to be spiked with arousing psychedelia and at others with nostalgic arrangements that hark back at that damaged age of seventies occultism. Tune down and drop out forever.

Friday, June 2, 2017

VULTURES VENGEANCE - Where the Time Dwelt In - Out Now On Tape

Classic and raging heavy metal from Italy. This is metal in its purest form. Their 2016 cult gem EP, for the first time on tape. Limited to 200 copies.

Metal Temple: Heavy Metal at its best, the way the instrumental intro links with the opening riff constructs the ambience necessary for one to be selflessly involved with this EP from beginning to end. Based in Lazio, Italy, after their 2015 Demo, VULTURES VENGEANCE released their first EP last year entitled where the time dwelt in. Founded by Matt Savage along with another two ex-members of NECROMANCER, VULTURES REVENGE display an amazing prowess for Power Metal and everything it stands for, hoping that they will envision many, many albums, and be around for many, many years, this EP is a heartfelt depiction of passion turned into music.
Iron Fist: These Italians, after a demo last year, present a mini-album of five tracks (including an intro) and what you get here is epic and dark traditional metal inspired by ’80s US power metal, Iron Maiden (of course) and the early years of Running Wild and Blind Guardian. Add to this a brave dose of obscurity, from the production to the way they want to approach their music, lyrics and the band’s image, and you have something that we could describe as “future cult”.
Brutalism: an obscure, and quite inventive sounding, trip down heavy metal lane. In many instances this covers the traditional heavy metal genre, however, they do use a few other elements to create a nice breath of fresh air into this genre of music.

MetalUtopia: a rocky debut album, but a knowledgeable metal head will be able to pull a few precious stones out of this diamond in the rough. Vultures Vengeance is one band that I’m going to keep my eye on'

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


To be drawn slowly to your death in a viscous pool of quicksand beneath a pitch-black sky, with no one to hear your screams, must be a terrifying experience. If an earthquake were happening at the same time, with an upheaval of stone smashing your sinking limbs beneath the surface while demons howl in your mind, that combination of experiences might resemble the sensations of this split. 

The two violent sludge/doom bands who have joined forces in this outpouring of affliction come from opposite sides of the U.S., yet based on the music, they seem to be kindreds in spirit, bound together in a joint mission to reap the souls of their listeners. The bands are SHRINE OF THE SERPENT and BLACK URN. (No Clean Singing)

Friday, May 19, 2017

FUNERALIUM - Of Throes and Blight - Out Now On Double Tape

Few possess the discipline, let alone the grit to author twenty-plus minute dirges of blackened doom cruelty, but Paris’ Funeralium do so once again with dread aplomb. On Of Throes and Blight, their third album, and second double-album to date, Funeralium throw four songs of death, doom, and pestilence on the rack, torturously stretching them to upwards of thirty-some minute long affairs. More than just an epic nightmare, Of Throes and Blight is an inescapably enthralling experience not unlike tunneling slowly to your own watery, verminous tomb. Suffer the suffocating crush of four new opuses of absolute blessure de l’âme. In the hemorrhaging vein of looming eidolons such as Worship, Thergothon, Funeral Moth, and Loss, recommended if you hate life.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

AMNUTSEBA - Demo Out Now On Tape

Four tracks of pure devotional, eerie and labyrinthic black/death metal. 

Amnutseba has risen from the gutters of the Parisian black metal scene to propose a glimpse into the vortex of insanity. 

Pro Tapes 200 copies

Sunday, April 16, 2017

ROPE SECT - Personae Ingratae - Out On Tape Now

Revel in its driving pulse and its suicidal choruses; Rope Sect feeds upon your lifeforce. Hum along, nod in time, elated for the eschaton. Personae Ingratae is Rope Sect’s debut statement. Six tracks of sustained diminuendo. Something like gothic post-punk; something like erotic schadenfreude. Angular, inward, self-mutilating . . . this is Rope Sect’s sardonic petition for a final curtain call. Personae Ingratae is a dark and lonely heaven.

Monday, March 27, 2017

TAPHOS NOMOS / URðUN - RIP - Split Cassette Out Now

Behold. Evidence of a vile collusion between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s doom-death eidolons, Taphos Nomos, and Akureyri, Iceland’s most malign murkslingers, Urðun. Eight tracks of brain-liquefying horror, with Taphos Nomos offering up three brand new songs of vulgar schadenfreude praising humanity’s ever-nearing extinction, and Urðun anteing up with four new tracks of their own warped minds’ devising, plus an Autopsy cover. Deemed R.I.P. (Rarely Investigated Phenomena by Taphos Nomos & Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction by Urðun), this split proves that even over a quarter of a century later, death metal—at least in the gorey hands of these two young bands—is as putrid, harmful, and dead-alive as ever.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

URðUN - Split With TAPHOS NOMOS Coming Soon

Have a taste of the upcoming 8-track split tape that will be unleashed in the upcoming days. 

Friday, February 24, 2017

K.L.L.K. - Le Brasier des Mondes - Out On Tape & CD

French atmospheric black metal band KLLK have been around since 2010 and with this second EP display impressive compositional growth and astonishing capacity to balance out muddy cavernous black metal with gorgeous abstract passages of pure translucent ambiance. Le Brasiers des Mondes is comprised of seven transitional cuts that show the band more like craftmen than musicians.

No Clean Singing: 'haunting, hallucinatory, ritualistic, grief-stricken, fiery, and ultimately slow, stately, and majestic — though even then, the shadow of death hangs over it.'

Friday, February 3, 2017


Two-prong raw primitive no frills death metal attack. Germany. 

200 copies / pro tapes / pro covers

Friday, January 13, 2017

CIORAN - Bestiale Battito Divino - Out Now On Tape

Chaotic Italian black metal punk with 'Italian esoteric-folkloristic themes and lyrics.' A conceptual recording of sorts, in the words of the band, 'The nature of a creature stuck halfway between bestial and divine ,carrying inside these two poles and leaning toward one direction or the other. The coexistence of submission to animal instinct and the seek of something higher than mere reality. A walking paradox that uses eternal inner conflict as an engine, like a star uses nucleo synthesis to explode and shine; Oscillating and writhing to dominate and break this duality.'

150 copies / Pro Tapes / Pro Covers

Metal Recursants: They jam with primitive but highly enjoyable staunch rage, and come out the gate ready to move the moshpit. Caligari Records has scored another great release with Cioran’s latest, and Bestiale Battito Divino isn’t your typical blackened punk a la Aksumite. They don’t sound like the very stellar Human Bodies either. They carve a niche of their own by fielding plenty of mid-tempo banging, plenty of blasts and punk/grind riffs, then slow down intermittently, and cymbal crash, downpick ’til the world falls down.

Pure of heart, metal in spirit, punk in terms of aggression and three-chord progressions, Cioran blaze through six highly enjoyable tracks destined for analog audio bliss for fans of blackened punk. Or for that matter, for fans of any aggressive metal. The occasional opera samples are also a nice touch, and the use of samples is tasteful, without overdoing the gore-metal horror movie style that has become so blasse.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

OBSCURE EVIL - Void Fumes - Out On Tape Now

To think that all along those young, corrupt minds harbored yet a darker, more awesome secret. Six songs of cryptic black thrash bearing as much in common with early Morbid Angel as with Mercyful Fate, unfathomably recorded at the same time as their debut, Midnight Forces. With scarring riffs like endless barrages of satanically-possessed daggers, vocals like demonic calls to action, and an atmosphere choked with beating bat wings, chilly drafts, and the stench of burning, Void Fumes is proof enough that this Peruvian trio are in possession of something otherworldly and truly evil. This then is the genuine article, in its intended arcane configuration. 

Tape Wyrm: A couple of friends and I have contests to see who can mine the best music out of the field of brand new releases. I feel that checking back to Caligari records every so often is cheating since this label has been known to already have a good system which finds the most vile and fiery bands from across the globe. Enter Obscure Evil whose previous 2016 demo was enough to take notice but the band’s new EP is something to behold.

Black/thrash is a genre which can be as grim or as wild as you want it to be. From the very dissonant to the very entertaining, the level of raucous can be from a mild jaunt to full out chaos. Obscure falls between a mob stampede and a bar fight with enough broken glass coursing through the crowd to make things bloody and hilariously fun.

Void Fumes reminds us all of a few things. First of all that Caligari Records is winning at this whole contest of finding great unknown bands that sound like demons riding loud motorcycles. Secondly that Obscure Evil has made a scorched mark on this earth in 2016 with two releases that give hope and dread for the future.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

EVOCACIÓN - Self-Titled - Out Now On Tape

Languid, putrid and decomposed death doom from Spain. Limited to 200 copies. Pro Tapes / Pro Covers 

No Clean Singing: Prepare yourselves for an atmospherically oppressive and unnerving concoction of skull-splintering death-doom and pestilential black metal, because that’s what we’re about to bring you through our premiere of the debut, self-titled demo by a young band from Murcia, Spain, named Evocación. 

In a word, the music is horrifying — the stuff of hallucinations and nightmares, or perhaps smoke-shrouded rituals in which incantations are uttered, blood is spilled, and lives are lost. 

Evocación convincingly create a vision of being pulled down into a quagmire of death and decay by deploying slow, lumbering, pavement-splitting riffs and bass lines dripping with distortion, combined with ritualistic drum rhythms that hammer with bone-cracking force and destructive hostility. Against this utterly dismal backdrop of ponderous demolition, Evocación spew a haze of toxic guitar noise and high, slithering, skin-crawling leads that can boil over into a seething derangement. 

There’s certainly no reprieve from this arcane form of murder in the vocal department, as the vocalist delivers a mix of agonizing moans, deep echoing roars, mastiff-like barking, and shrieking spews of goblin bile. 

When the band do depart from their normal strategy of slowly choking the life out of the listener while resolutely fragmenting skulls through titanic pounding, they do so in ways that are equally terrifying — through eruptions of chaotic rampaging that are, if anything, even more viciously ruinous. 

There’s an unearthly aura surrounding the music, but the band tell us that they recorded the music using analog technology from the ’70s and used a mixing and mastering process that was subtle, and intended to keep the sound “as real as possible”.