Sunday, January 11, 2015

ALUCARDA - Raw Howls - Out Now On Tape

Raw Howls is the first full-length from Danish fuzz doom rock trio Alucarda and it follows their crunchy and raunchy D.F.F.L. demo from 2013. Highly reminiscent of pre-Die Screaming era Satan's Satyrs, Alucarda promised to go even rawer than on their first recording and have delivered a collection of songs that swing with gusto and insalubrious cockiness. To the max on the fuzz and the bizarre, Alucarda worship 70's bad acid culture and reminisce on that dead generation that abandoned their careless everything goes ways in favor of baby booming and suburban mortgages. Their lyrics speak with total abandon of their taste for vice and the macabre and their music blasts away, via deranged screaming and lo fi doomy garage rock, a bygone era of damaged thinking and total hopelessness. 

Pro Tape / Pro JCards 

Limited to 150 copies 

This is the 22nd release by Caligari Records


Sunday, December 28, 2014

HUMAN BODIES - No Life - Out Now On Tape

Trio Human Bodies hail from Boston, Massachusetts and with No Life have crafted some of the gnarliest black metal punk the American scene has seen. 

Their 2013 demo was hysterical and fucking short, at a little over 7 minutes, this four song self-released tape packed bile, rage and despair like few. Their riffs could cut through titanium and the vocals were blistering toxic spit that could give a good fuck to your eardrums. Well, No Life picks up were Demo MMXIII left off, though this time around a far more professional sound let's you hear Human Bodies' rawness in their pure conceived state. 

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Limited to 200 Copies



Saturday, December 6, 2014


The Hyle hail from Denmark and this 4-song demo introduces their sublime doom rock to audiences that are more used to bestial vulgarity, chauvinistic rock and roll, raunchy thrash metal, generic metal ov death and cheesy heavy metal than they are to swift arrangements and expansive guitars, clean vocals elucidating dark and curiously morbid lyrics and paused drumming and subjugated bass playing. Listen to The Hyle and let your perception get the message; their unnerving passivity reveals something insalubrious lurking beneath. 

4 songs and almost thirty minutes of music, it is all it takes for The Hyle to turn their insides out...

Pro Tapes / Pro JCards

Limited to 150 Copies

This is the 21st release of CALIGARI Records.



Sunday, November 30, 2014

SKELETHAL - Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity - Out Now

Killer French death metal duo Skelethal are back with their second EP in less than a year and what a difference just a few months make. While they floored us then with their crudity embezzling complex arrangements and sucker-punching riffs, now Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity elaborates even further with a surprising combination of filthy riffage and guttural vocals and a sense of musicality that seems to have been lost in these times of retarded bestiality. 

Interstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity is intelligent by design and it contains five cuts, one of which is an intro and the last of which is a Carnage cover. 



Pro Tapes / Pro JCards

Limited to 150 Copies

This is the 20th release of CALIGARI Records.


Sunday, November 23, 2014

HEAVYDEATH - They Had No Names - Out Now On Tape

Recently signed to Svart Records and with a full-length due sometime in 2015, Heavydeath continue to unearth recordings that are further proof of the prolific songwriting skills of Nicklas Rudolfsson. 

This time around Caligari Records is proud to present the mini album They Had No Names, comprised of Demo VI and Demo VII, this four song, twenty-eight minute tape crafts away at the trippy mid tempo death doom path of previous recordings and exemplifies a sound that is by now entirely Heavydeath's own. 

Pro Tapes Pro Covers - 100 Copies 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BUNKER 66 - 4 Recordings Out On Two Tapes

Call them traditionalists or old school but Italian black thrash horde Bunker 66 are uncharacteristically high-quality and as lethal as any of the classics that pushed the envelop to new levels of speed and aggressiveness. Since their formation in 2007, this trio from Messina, Sicily has consistently delivered raw recordings packed with steamrolling riffs, cannon-like drumming, throbbing basslines and vocals that will have you making double takes while maintaining a solid identity and bringing to mind the great personalities of the underground days of yore. 

Now, for the first time on tape, Caligari Records is proud to release their first four releases in two tapes. 

First up is Out of the Bunker, their introduction to metalheads worldwide. Released in 2009 and packing six cuts of punked out thashy blackness, Out of the Bunker delivers rambunctious energy like few other recordings from these times and spills awesome riffs galore. This auspicious recording was followed by the scorching aural spectacle that is Alive & Melting, a live recording released in 2011 by Cargo Records after Fenriz chose Bunker 66 as his Band of the Week. The Caligari Records tape will include both recordings in their totality. 

Infernö Interceptörs is the first Bunker 66 full-length and was unleashed upon the unsuspecting metal creeps in 2012 by High Roller Records. Stylistically, it continues in their speedy tradition of tearing shit up with a plethora of riffs so good they should be taught in schools in first world nations. The last four tracks available for your pleasure come from their split with Barbarian and includes a swifty cover ( "Psychopharmax Convulsions") of the obscure Italian band Convulsed. 

Limited to 100 copies 
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Sunday, September 14, 2014


In less than a month Caligari Records will release two Bunker 66 tapes compiling the band's first four releases. One tape will contain 2009's Out of the Bunker EP with the 2012 live recording Alive & Melting on the second side. The second tape will contain 2012's full-length Inferno Interceptors along their half from their split with Barbarian as a bonus on the second side.

Bunker 66 hail from Messina, Italy and formed in 2007. Their black thrash metal styling has garnered them great praise in underground circles along with a long standing relationship with High Roller Records, label that has just released their second full-length Screaming Rock Believers on CD and Vinyl.

As longtime fans of the band, Caligari Records is proud to give Bunker 66 the tape treatment for the first time.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

ELLORSITH - 1959 - Out Now On Tape

Feel the cold mysterious first breath of ELLORSITH

A recording inspired by the Dyatlov Pass Incident

100 Copies

Pro Tapes / Pro Covers




Wednesday, August 6, 2014

HEAVYDEATH - Demo IV Forebear Avenger - Out On Tape

Jonah Backman and Nicklas Rudolfsson are at it again and CALIGARI RECORDS has just unleashed their fourth demo under the ominous name of HEAVYDEATH. Titled Forebear Avenger, this three song, 24-minute recording further refines the band's miasmic approach to death doom metal. The result is, as before, otherworldly and massive. The CALIGARI RECORDS tape includes two bonus tracks; re-recorded versions of "Into the Heavy Death" and "All I See is Decay". 

Limited to 100 copies
Pro Tape/Pro JCard + Two Logo Stickers


Saturday, June 14, 2014

ACT OF IMPALEMENT - Echoes of Wrath / Hyperborean Altar On MC

CALIGARI RECORDS is proud to release Echoes of Wrath and Hyperborean Altar, the 2014 and 2013 demo recordings from Nashville's promising death metal trio Act of Impalement. 

Act of Impalement play metal from the gut and it comes out raw. This is no frill doom death metal and that's clearly in display in both demos. In Echoes of Wrath the songs are dirty suckerpunchers formed with a type of qualitative songwriting that’s only audible after repeated spins. It's a grower that reveals itself slowly and painfully. 

And in Hyperborean Altar we get the best of their formative years. This is Act of Impalement’s first official EP and shows the band honing in on a stripped down style that’s free of ornaments and full of uncompromising flattening mid tempos that fearlessly swallow you whole and spit you out.



Limited to 100 copies.

Pro Tapes & Pro Covers

This is the 13th release of CALIGARI Records.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

BLAND VARGAR - Perpetual Return - Out On Tape

BLAND VARGAR play 'epic raw black metal', a description that we once battled to understand but came to accept after numerous digestions of Perpetual Return, their second recording and first full-length. 

BLAND VARGAR hail from Bologna, Italy and their music expertly balances the rage and desperation of the purest forms of hysterical black metal and the soulfulness of the purest folk. Perpetual Return includes five cuts and expertly delivers over 40 minutes of some of the most perfectly crafted black metal of 2014. 

Limited to 100 copies. 

Pro Tapes & Pro Covers 

This is the 12th release of CALIGARI Records. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

HEAVYDEATH - Demo II & III Out On Tape

CALIGARI RECORDS is proud to release the second and third demo recordings of Sweden's HEAVYDEATH. 

Continuing the thick pace and miasmic sound outlined on Demo I, these two new recordings march on at doomladen pace and once again project dark evocations that are at once; mysterious, spacey and of course, very heavy. 

Demo II and Demo III clock in at well over forty eight minutes and solidifies and perfects the idiosyncratic style explored by Jonah Backman and Nicklas Rudolfsson in their first recording. 

Limited to 100 copies. 

Pro Tapes & Pro Covers 

This is the 11th release of CALIGARI Records. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

HEAVYDEATH - Demo I Out On Tape

HEAVYDEATH is a doom death metal duo formed by Johan Backman (Necrocurse, ex-Runemagick) and Nicklas Rudolfsson (Necrocurse, Rapid Terror, Runemagick, The Funeral Orchestra) and this is their first recording. 

Demo I was self-released in early 2014 in an initial tape run of 35 copies. Subsequently, Heavydeath released a second run of 30 copies. The recording was conceived as a four-track demo; an intro, two dense doom death metal tracks and an instrumental at the end. Heavydeath's sound is highly idiosyncratic; obscure and almost spacey. There is a strange and unique vibe to these songs and there is a melodic undercurrent that infects their music and seems to want to escape the conventionalities of the metal genre. 

Pro Tapes Pro Covers 

Limited to 100 copies 

Limited wholesale & trades 


Sunday, April 6, 2014

SKELETHAL - Deathmanicvs Revelation Out On Tape

Following their auspicious Morbid Ovation demo from 2012, comes Deathmanicvs Revelation, SKELETHAL's seven track EP and a confirmation that this duo from Lille are true inheritors to the most putrid of sounds. 

Pro Tapes Pro Covers 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Demo 1 was self-released on a first batch of 35 copies at the beginning of 2014. It has since become Sweden's best kept death doom metal secret. In less than a month, CALIGARI RECORDS will be reissuing this four-track recording plus a bonus song. All pro and limited to 100 copies.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

FUOCO FATUO - The Viper Slithers On the Ashes of What Remains Out On Tape

The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains is the first full-length of Italy's FUOCO FATUO, and it follows on the path of the band's two 2012 EP's. It is crushing doom once again, only now the trio from Varese has heightened its senses and has delivered a much darker and more intense work. Over the course of five songs and more than fifty two minutes of darkness, Fuoco Fatuo never relent and craft bleak, monolithic and ominous landscapes, the likes of which extreme music hardly ever witnesses anymore. Enjoy slowly and fully...

Pro Tapes & Pro Covers

Limited to 150 copies

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