Thursday, March 15, 2018

QUESTION - EP - Out Now On Cassette

Though mostly unknown in US territory, Mexican quartet Question have been polluting the underground since 2010. Now, after one demo, an EP and a full-length on their backs their sound seems to have radically morphed into an archaic shape; here gnarly riffs twist and turn like beasts on fire while maniacal vocals spit tales of life, death and the unknown. Here lie Question as we will know them from this point forward. (ltd. 200 copies)

Toilet Ov Hell: Question possess that impressive quality of being able to play parts that ostensibly feel unhinged and unpredictable within songs that retain a remarkable degree of fluidity. The momentum of each riff transitions into the next without feeling overtly choppy or forced, which is oftentimes an unfortunate consequence of bands attempting this style of death metal. The final track, “Universal Path Of Disgrace” is the standout for me, and is over 6 minutes of noxious death metal dominance. This EP proves Question are a force to be reckoned with, not only within their region, but amongst the current death metal scene as a whole.