Wednesday, February 28, 2018

EVIL PRIEST - Black Seeds...of Creation - Out Now On Cassette

Peruvian death metal lords Evil Priest are back with two extensive tracks of death metal purity. Now, with the Lima trio barely out of their teens, the band has consolidated a style of death metal that is reminiscent of early Death but with an ear for the arcane. 

Limited to 150 copies / Pro Tapes / Pro Covers 

Tape Wyrm: Since we are past any era of a genre resurgence, the classic death sound for Evil Priest is a thematic celebration of death metal’s most famous competent which is riffs and darkness. Guitar solos, 5th gear snare drumming, looming intros, and guttural vocals all make their appearance in a demo which sounds between here and 1991. Aside from the sound, Evil Priest is young and virulent enough to be a force which will be around for much longer as Black Seeds​.​.​.​of Creation sounds like the band is halfway having fun and half way really serious about this whole death thing.