Friday, January 13, 2017

CIORAN - Bestiale Battito Divino - Out Now On Tape

Chaotic Italian black metal punk with 'Italian esoteric-folkloristic themes and lyrics.' A conceptual recording of sorts, in the words of the band, 'The nature of a creature stuck halfway between bestial and divine ,carrying inside these two poles and leaning toward one direction or the other. The coexistence of submission to animal instinct and the seek of something higher than mere reality. A walking paradox that uses eternal inner conflict as an engine, like a star uses nucleo synthesis to explode and shine; Oscillating and writhing to dominate and break this duality.'

150 copies / Pro Tapes / Pro Covers

Metal Recursants: They jam with primitive but highly enjoyable staunch rage, and come out the gate ready to move the moshpit. Caligari Records has scored another great release with Cioran’s latest, and Bestiale Battito Divino isn’t your typical blackened punk a la Aksumite. They don’t sound like the very stellar Human Bodies either. They carve a niche of their own by fielding plenty of mid-tempo banging, plenty of blasts and punk/grind riffs, then slow down intermittently, and cymbal crash, downpick ’til the world falls down.

Pure of heart, metal in spirit, punk in terms of aggression and three-chord progressions, Cioran blaze through six highly enjoyable tracks destined for analog audio bliss for fans of blackened punk. Or for that matter, for fans of any aggressive metal. The occasional opera samples are also a nice touch, and the use of samples is tasteful, without overdoing the gore-metal horror movie style that has become so blasse.