Tuesday, November 22, 2016

OBSCURE EVIL - Void Fumes - Out On Tape Now

To think that all along those young, corrupt minds harbored yet a darker, more awesome secret. Six songs of cryptic black thrash bearing as much in common with early Morbid Angel as with Mercyful Fate, unfathomably recorded at the same time as their debut, Midnight Forces. With scarring riffs like endless barrages of satanically-possessed daggers, vocals like demonic calls to action, and an atmosphere choked with beating bat wings, chilly drafts, and the stench of burning, Void Fumes is proof enough that this Peruvian trio are in possession of something otherworldly and truly evil. This then is the genuine article, in its intended arcane configuration. 

Tape Wyrm: A couple of friends and I have contests to see who can mine the best music out of the field of brand new releases. I feel that checking back to Caligari records every so often is cheating since this label has been known to already have a good system which finds the most vile and fiery bands from across the globe. Enter Obscure Evil whose previous 2016 demo was enough to take notice but the band’s new EP is something to behold.

Black/thrash is a genre which can be as grim or as wild as you want it to be. From the very dissonant to the very entertaining, the level of raucous can be from a mild jaunt to full out chaos. Obscure falls between a mob stampede and a bar fight with enough broken glass coursing through the crowd to make things bloody and hilariously fun.

Void Fumes reminds us all of a few things. First of all that Caligari Records is winning at this whole contest of finding great unknown bands that sound like demons riding loud motorcycles. Secondly that Obscure Evil has made a scorched mark on this earth in 2016 with two releases that give hope and dread for the future.