Tuesday, November 8, 2016

NECROMORBID - El Dia de la Bestia - Out Now On Tape

Necromorbid’s debut full length El Dia de la Bestia is ten blasphemies of scorched-black, bristling and blasted death metal performed in devout opposition to that bastioned and corrupt enclave that yet stands in the trio’s homeland, Italy. Having forged a sound so caustic and perverse that it borders on terroristic threat, the trio known as Necromorbid have thus declared oper war against Christianity, and its dogmatic values. For guitarist/vocalist Dysangelium, drummer Bestial Desecrator, and bassist Arch Commander Equinox, it is better to raise hell on earth than live a life of servitude founded on a false promise. El Dia de la Bestia is mandatory for devotees of Morbosidad, Black Witchery, Archgoat, and the great adversary, Lucifer.