Sunday, August 21, 2016

MINDKULT - Witch's Oath - Out Now On CD & Tape

Four songs in the subliminal key of Lucifer. Drink deeply this potion. Follow incandesce and levitate. The tendrils of your existence spiral away into indecipherable tenebrosity. There is only the buzz inside your skull now. There is only the riff. The power of the chord. What at first appears as catchy, fuzzed-out doomgaze reveals itself over a series of repeated listens to be truly sinister and subversive: the alluring voice of a suicide cult leader. A man who sings the people’s blues, but for damnation’s sake. Call it Witch’s Oath, Mindkult's first opus. 

All songs written and produced by MINDKULT, the sole creation of Fowst. Recorded at Monticello Studios in 2016. Art/Design by Elias Kontogiannis ( 

No Clean Singing: But whoever is behind “Witch’s Oath” includes a guitarist whose soloing is both soulful and trippy and a drummer who’s not flashy but knows how to get heads moving. The coating of fuzzy distortion on the guitars and bass is also a welcome touch. Get ready to rock the fuck out. 

The Obelisk: …“Whatever Fowst‘s real name, whoever produced the album, whatever bands he or they’ve worked with before, it’s the songwriting coming through most of all on Witch’s Oath and the sense of stylistic accomplishment that songwriting showcases. It’s early in Mindkult‘s tenure to make a guess as to directions the band might go, but this initial EP makes a compelling argument in favor of finding out.”