Saturday, May 28, 2016

INCULCATOR - Void Abecedary - Out Now On Tape

Inculcator appears in the sky over Liverpool, UK. Shielded in occult mysticism, the outlandish entity (rumored to be a solo effort) first broadcast its signal with “Voces Mysticae,” February 2015. Propelled by the satanic forces of early Slayer and Venom, bending time and space like a pinch harmonic, and bearing knowledge of the abyss from whence it came and toward which it will now usher us all, “Voces Mysticae” is only ⅕ of Inculcator’s debut of dimension-ripping tech thrash “void exploration.” Caligari Records is proud to bring you Void Abecedary, the world’s first lesson in the language of the great beyond. 

Limited to 150 copies