Friday, March 18, 2016

OBSCURE EVIL - Midnight Forces - Out On Tape Now

No Clean Singing: Obscure Evil have tapped into a rich vein of raw, venomous thrash, tinged with the obsidian gleam of first-wave black metal. The riffs in these songs are electrifying — there’s no better word for it. And while the riffs and superheated soloing are the fast-beating aheart of the music, the rhythm section is just as attention-grabbing, with organic-sounding drum bursts and the clash and crash of cymbals amping the music’s energy. To add a further layer of ferocity to this boiling cauldron of poison, the reverberating vocal howls conjure hallucinations of a red-eyed demon exhorting this horde to further extremes of blood-lusting mayhem.

Limited to 150 copies
Pro Tapes / Pro Covers