Wednesday, December 2, 2015

EXPANDER - Laws of Power - Out Now On Tape

Pro tapes / Pro Covers

Limited to 150 Copies

Reissue of the raging debut from this Austin quartet. Initially self-released in a batch of 25 tapes.

No Clean Singing on Laws of Power, 'this music is hot as hell — a marauding, head-wrecking melange of punk and metal with vicious, maniacal vocal venom capable of stripping skin from bone. The songs are virally infectious in addition to being as nasty as famished wolverines, and the production quality gives the sound the kind of raw, gritty abrasiveness it really needs. Whether they’re thrashing or stomping or lurching in a drunken stagger, Expander are full of fire and brimstone. You get this stench in your nostrils, and it’s hard to get it out — but who the fuck would want to?'

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