Tuesday, August 18, 2015

JUPITERIAN - Aphotic - Out Now On Tape

History has taught us that a tropical metropolis like Sao Paulo, Brasil does not possess the right backdrop for creating imposing doom death metal, but leave it Jupiterian, a quartet formed in 2013, to crumble those preconceptions. 

Inspired by the likes of Winter, Paradise Lost and Anathema, Jupiterian craft hulking and lush metallic compositions and in Aphotic, their second recording, their music takes colossal shape as massive distortion pushes forward, drums rumble and echo like nearby explosions and monstruous guttural vocals articulate dark ill-fated tales. And yet despite the apparent bluntness of it all, there is plenty underneath waiting to be disinterred; nuanced and layered details, off-kilter passages and hidden compositions that give Aphotic a rather distinctive flavor. 

Aphotic was mixed and mastered by Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues) and it contains 4 new songs and a bonus track ("Drag Me to My Grave") that is pure old British guard worship. Over 42 minutes of music.

Limited to 175 copies
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