Sunday, July 12, 2015

GLOAM - Hex of Nine Heads - Out On Tape Now


Following a demo and an EP, Oakland's black metal quartet GLOAM deliver a vast sixty minute riff fest of dominant melodies and flawless musicianship called Hex of Nine Heads 

175 Copies 
Pro Tapes / Pro Covers 

Artwork by Barney Fried 

"With Hex of Nine Heads, Gloam has matured in that perfect way everyone hopes a band does between the “demo/EP” phase and their first full-length album. The almost standard, albeit passionately and precisely executed performance found on Vanquished and the preceding demo has been violently thrust into a more atypical, progressive realm. Weaving between the alarming and disjointed, which is very new territory for Gloam, to much more heavily voiced, borderline contemporary classically-inclined melodiousness, Hex of Nine Heads’s calculated approach definitely deserves a good pair of headphones (or just headphones in general) to fully appreciate its nuances. With the immediacy of a young Opeth, we find Gloam plowing through near-constant variations on ideas, utilizing a much more linear, non-structured approach to songwriting, never fully re-iterating a riff so much as rebuilding Solomon’s Temple again and again. For an hour-long album, it can definitely get strenuous without any sort of reference other than your watch, but the dense creativity is evidence of exceedingly strong musicianship." 
Invisible Oranges