Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NEGATIVE VORTEX - Tomb Absolute - Out Now On Tape

Tomb Absolute is the debut recording of Oakland’s Negative Vortex, a quartet bent on bringing back the old sounds of death and offering tribute to the ancient gods of 90’s metal. This pro tape includes four songs of turgid arrangements, guttural emissions and caveman drumming. Think of the primitive parameters in which death metal was born and thrived; technique took a backseat while deviant ideas and youthful enthusiasm was enough to launch a new metal subgenre.

Starting up with that concept, Negative Vortex offer up a raw concoction that is pure visceras and deafening power. Here thick riffs conflict and surge like a malicious force that resists receding, drums batter frenetically underneath and menacing vocals threaten to swallow it all. 

Limited to 200 Copies 

Pro Tapes / Pro Cover / All Lyrics Included 

This is the 27th release of Caligari Records