Tuesday, September 30, 2014

BUNKER 66 - 4 Recordings Out On Two Tapes

Call them traditionalists or old school but Italian black thrash horde Bunker 66 are uncharacteristically high-quality and as lethal as any of the classics that pushed the envelop to new levels of speed and aggressiveness. Since their formation in 2007, this trio from Messina, Sicily has consistently delivered raw recordings packed with steamrolling riffs, cannon-like drumming, throbbing basslines and vocals that will have you making double takes while maintaining a solid identity and bringing to mind the great personalities of the underground days of yore. 

Now, for the first time on tape, Caligari Records is proud to release their first four releases in two tapes. 

First up is Out of the Bunker, their introduction to metalheads worldwide. Released in 2009 and packing six cuts of punked out thashy blackness, Out of the Bunker delivers rambunctious energy like few other recordings from these times and spills awesome riffs galore. This auspicious recording was followed by the scorching aural spectacle that is Alive & Melting, a live recording released in 2011 by Cargo Records after Fenriz chose Bunker 66 as his Band of the Week. The Caligari Records tape will include both recordings in their totality. 

Infernö Interceptörs is the first Bunker 66 full-length and was unleashed upon the unsuspecting metal creeps in 2012 by High Roller Records. Stylistically, it continues in their speedy tradition of tearing shit up with a plethora of riffs so good they should be taught in schools in first world nations. The last four tracks available for your pleasure come from their split with Barbarian and includes a swifty cover ( "Psychopharmax Convulsions") of the obscure Italian band Convulsed. 

Limited to 100 copies 
Pro Jcards (six panels) - Pro Tapes 

You can order these individually or together here: http://caligarirecords.storenvy.com/