Saturday, October 26, 2013

...and the band is FUOCO FATUO

We are stoked to report that someone actually responded correctly to the inquiry from the previous post within an hour. And that someone is a very knowledgeable chap from Germany. Hails!

The band whose first two EP's we are going to release in one tape is Italy's FUOCO FATUO, whose dense blend of doom and black metal had us at ugggh and is, needless to say, very Italian-sounding. What do we mean by that? We'll, if you've heard Fuoco Fatuo before you know what we mean and if you haven't then you better get your ass in line boy!  
We are now gearing up for a mid-November release.

Also in the works are a re-release of two of 2012's top death metal demos (hint: one is from Sweden and the other one is from France)in one tape and the first recording of Tennessee's best kept secret. More details to come...