Monday, July 15, 2013

Coming Soon: DON JUAN MATUS - Espejismos

CALIGARI RECORDS will soon be releasing Espejismos, a twelve-track tape by peruvian band DON JUAN MATUS. 

Don Juan Matus was formed in Lima, Peru in 2005 and has released three critically aclaimed full-lengths, the first one released in vinyl through Nasoni Records and the last two through Ostridium Records from Germany. The CD version of Mas Alla del Sol Poniente, their third, was released through Golden Procession from Japan. In 2008, Don Juan Matus shared a split with german doom band Angel of Damnation and more recently, in 2012, Wardance Records released a split with Oxido.

Facing an uncertain and perhaps unlikely future as members of the band live in different parts of the world, Espejismos presents a different more introspective side of the band. Espejismos features alternate versions of songs included in their albums plus five new tracks recorded individually by members of the band. Caligari Records will be releasing 100 copies of this tape in the coming weeks.